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Wooden Draft Horse Shoeing Stocks

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$2,359.38 / EA
Wooden draft horse shoeing stock. Is unassembled and palleted on base for easy transport. May also be picked up at shop assembled.
-Made of hard oak wood.
-Padding at the front.
-All items are pre cut & marked.
-All hardware and straps are included.
-Skid size is 48 x 84 x 15.
-Weight 1,000 lbs.

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Haflinger stocks are for up to 16 hands and 900 lbs.
Draft Horse Stocks are for up to 18 hands and 2,000 lbs.
Draft Horseshoeing Stock Dimensions:
Inside: 30" wide x 60" long x 6'10" high
Outside: 45" wide x 7' long x 7'6" high
Shipping Dimensions Weight: 1000 lbs 89x43x15
Haflinger Horseshoeing Stock Dimensions:
Inside: 26" wide x 54" long x 6'5" high
Outside: 38" wide x 6'6" long x 7' high
Oversize Draft Horseshoeing Stock Dimensions:
Inside: 34" wide x 66" long x 7' high
Outside: 49" wide x 7'6" long x 7'8" high